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Alien landscape with mountains

man in 1969 dodge charger driving through desert, aztecs flying behind him with wings like angels on winged horses, high jagged mountain peaks in the background, night, dramatic light, surreal, cinematic lighting, dynamic angle, Boris Vallejo style, roger dean style, oil painting, dramatic illustration of seals, soft lighting, aerial view, photography, colorful, very high detail, octane rendering

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"Concept: This abstract image portrays a vividly colored alien landscape with mountains under a brightly colored sky. The concept focuses on the beauty of extraterrestrial landscapes, highlighting their surreal and vibrant nature.
Subject: The main subject is the alien landscape, emphasizing its vivid colors and surreal mountains. The image conveys the beauty of otherworldly environments.
Background: The background features a brightly colored sky and the silhouette of a large planet.
Style/Coloring: The style is abstract, using bright colors like orange, pink, and blue to create a surreal atmosphere.
Action: The scene is static, showing an otherworldly landscape.
Items: Recognizable items include mountains and a planet.
Costume/Appearance: Not applicable as there are no people in this image.