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The ‘Butterfly’ gallery deepens the exploration of metamorphosis and beauty, focusing on the singular elegance of individual butterflies. This collection zooms in on the details that make each species unique, celebrating the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes found in the butterfly kingdom. Through a lens of wonder and appreciation, the ‘Butterfly’ gallery encourages a closer look at the natural world, reminding viewers of the delicate balance that sustains biodiversity and the importance of preserving the habitats that these beautiful creatures call home.

  • Child Exploring Nature

    Child Exploring Nature

  • Iridescent Blue Butterfly

    Iridescent Blue Butterfly

  • Blue Morpho Butterfly

    Blue Morpho Butterfly

  • Vivid Blue Butterfly

    Vivid Blue Butterfly

  • A ginger cat in a garden of flowers

    A ginger cat in a garden of flowers

  • Cat in a Field of Flowers

    Cat in a Field of Flowers

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