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The ‘Control’ gallery delves into the concept of control, examining its influence in various contexts, from personal discipline to the mechanisms of power in society. Through AI-generated images, this collection explores the dual nature of control: as a tool for achieving goals and maintaining order, and as a source of constraint and conflict. The ‘Control’ gallery invites viewers to contemplate the dynamics of control in their lives and in the world at large, presenting a nuanced view of how control operates in personal, technological, and societal realms.

  • Dramatic Ritualistic Pose

    Dramatic Ritualistic Pose

  • Space Exploration Command Center

    Space Exploration Command Center

  • Majestic Lion Strolling

    Majestic Lion Strolling

  • Dynamic Horse Race Art

    Dynamic Horse Race Art

  • Neon Noir Cool Stance

    Neon Noir Cool Stance

  • Yoda trains Luke, wisdom shared

    Yoda trains Luke, wisdom shared

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