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The ‘Gazing’ gallery further delves into moments of contemplation and observation, with images that capture people and animals in the act of looking deeply at something, be it a landscape, a piece of art, or into each other’s eyes. Each image in the ‘Gazing’ gallery highlights the contemplative and often introspective nature of gazing, showcasing how this act can be a gateway to deeper understanding and appreciation of both the external world and internal thoughts. The gallery invites viewers to pause and reflect, mirroring the subjects’ deep engagement and thoughtful observation.

  • Elegant Woman by Pool

    Elegant Woman by Pool

  • Moonlit Wolf Stairs

    Moonlit Wolf Stairs

  • Wolf and the Moon

    Wolf and the Moon

  • Dog Gazing at Sunset

    Dog Gazing at Sunset

  • Dreamy Cat with Clouds

    Dreamy Cat with Clouds

  • Scholarly Puppy with Books

    Scholarly Puppy with Books

  • Cosmic Lion King

    Cosmic Lion King

  • Majestic Lion in Savannah

    Majestic Lion in Savannah

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