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Formal Corporate Meeting

A high-stakes boardroom negotiation scene featuring a seasoned businessman leading a discussion. The room is filled with executives around a sleek, modern table, intense focus on their faces. Strategic documents and digital devices are spread out before them, highlighting the importance of the meeting.

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Concept: Professionals engaged in a serious business discussion in a conference room setting.
Subject: A group of well-dressed individuals, likely executives, in a meeting, conveys a sense of corporate governance or strategy.
Background: A minimalist conference room with a large table, chairs, and a blank presentation screen.
Style/Coloring: Realism with neutral colors reflecting the formal atmosphere of the meeting.
Action: The group is in discussion, with some members gesturing to emphasize their points.
Items: Conference table, chairs, papers, glasses of water, presentation screen.
Costume/Appearance: Business suits and professional attire.
Accessories: Pens, notepads, glasses.