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Face, Cyber, Digital

a crown forged from iron spikes::2 , a breathtakinglly detailed ghastly glitchpunk anime illustration in the style of MAPPA Studio animes of a female figure with a demonic appereance, Glowing pentagram eyes::3 , she is surrounded by a pixalated aura of evil energy::2 , glitchy big pixel effects flying like around, mappa studios, , --s 1000 --no photorealism,photography

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"Concept: The concept of this image blends the human face with digital and cyber elements. It portrays a fusion of humanity and technology, highlighting the intersection of organic and digital realms. The image reflects the possibilities and concerns of technological advancements and their impact on human identity.
Subject: The main subject is a woman's face, blended with digital elements, symbolizing the merging of humanity and technology.
Background: The background features digital patterns and elements, creating a futuristic and technological feel.
Style/Coloring: The style is futuristic and digital, with blue, orange, and dark tones blending into each other.
Action: The face remains static while the digital elements create a sense of movement.
Items: Recognizable items include a face and digital patterns.
Costume/Appearance: Not applicable.