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Sugar Skull, Bright Eyes

hyperrealistic mayan priest skull + Large white eyes + beautiful female shaman + mayan headdress + small detailed skull on headdress + face tattoos + gorgeous happy eyes + slight grin on mouth + skull::3 + gold teeth with jewels + psychedelic LSD

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AI Image Prompt Analyze

"Concept: This image represents a face painted in the style of a sugar skull. The concept centers on the Día de los Muertos tradition, highlighting the vibrant colors and intricate designs used to celebrate the day. It reflects on life, death, and the honoring of loved ones.
Subject: The subject is a person with a face painted like a sugar skull, emphasizing the celebration of life and remembrance of the dead.
Background: The background is dark, focusing attention on the bright and colorful face.
Style/Coloring: The style is detailed and vibrant, with bright reds, blues, and yellows contrasting against the dark background.
Action: The sugar skull's gaze is direct and intense.
Items: Recognizable items include facial features painted with intricate patterns.
Costume/Appearance: The painted face appears adorned with a red headband and bright makeup.
Accessories: The headband and facial jewelry are visible."