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Vibrant Galaxy, Stars, Planet

a huge moon in the close left, an earth far away, film screenshot, longshot, cinematic, dark background, black background, epic, realistic, NASA, HDR, 8k, shot on ARRI

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"Concept: The main concept is to showcase the vibrant and awe-inspiring beauty of the galaxy. The vivid colors and swirling patterns of stars convey the vastness and grandeur of the universe. The planet adds to the image's cosmic scale, representing the vastness of space.
Subject: The subject is the colorful galaxy and the planet within it.
Background: The background is a mix of swirling vibrant colors representing stars and space dust.
Style/Coloring: The style combines abstract and realistic elements, with colors like pink, yellow, and blue.
Action: The action consists of swirling cosmic patterns around the planet.
Items: Recognizable items include the planet and cosmic patterns.
Costume/Appearance: Not applicable.