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Mysterious Silhouette on Staircase

An eerie scene inside an abandoned Victorian mansion at midnight, where the remnants of once-grandeur are visible through the dust and cobwebs. In the dim light of the moon shining through broken windows, the silhouette of a ghostly figure appears at the top of the grand staircase, suggesting a lingering presence from the past.

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Concept: This image captures a gothic and atmospheric scene featuring the silhouette of a woman on an ornate staircase in an old, seemingly abandoned mansion. It evokes mystery, suspense, and perhaps a sense of haunting or the supernatural.
Subject: The main subject is the woman's silhouette, which stands out against the light filtering through the windows, creating an eerie contrast and suggesting a story or event shrouded in mystery.
Background: An old, dilapidated interior with broken windows, where light streams in through the trees outside.
Style/Coloring: The style is dark and moody with monochromatic tones, focusing on the play of light and shadow to create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.
Action: The woman appears to be standing still, possibly looking out or waiting.
Items: Staircase, windows, broken glass, tree branches outside.
Costume/Appearance: The woman is wearing a long dress.