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Teen Playing Electric Guitar

arctic landscape with northlights, a lot of depth and distance landscape, lot of details, depth effect, emo boy with guitar, northlights, turquoise, 8k, view from a person that is standing 50 meters away, taken with a Fujifilm XT5 with 35mm lens with F3.5 aperture, realistic

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"Concept: A teenager playing an electric guitar outdoors under the night sky, symbolizing youthful passion and the pursuit of music. The image conveys themes of dedication, creativity, and the joy of playing music.
Subject: The main subject is a teenage boy playing an electric guitar. His focused expression suggests he is immersed in his music, either performing or practicing.
Background: The background depicts a calm lake surrounded by snowy mountains under a star-filled night sky, evoking tranquility and inspiration.
Style/Coloring: The style is realistic, with a cool color palette dominated by blues and grays, creating a serene yet intense atmosphere.
Action: The main action is the teenager playing his electric guitar, expressing himself through music.
Items: Electric guitar, lake, mountains
Costume/Appearance: The boy is dressed in casual clothing, including a black jacket and dark jeans, reflecting a modern and youthful style.
Accessories: Electric guitar