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Young Man with Guitar

arctic landscape with northlights, a lot of depth and distance landscape, lot of details, depth effect, emo boy with guitar, northlights, turquoise, 8k, view from a person that is standing 50 meters away, taken with a Fujifilm XT5 with 35mm lens with F3.5 aperture, realistic

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"Concept: A youthful person stands, seemingly lost in thought while holding a guitar. The image could be interpreted as a reflection of creativity and introspection, potentially exploring themes of music as a form of expression and personal identity.
Subject: The main subject is a young man, perhaps a musician or aspiring artist, whose focus on the guitar suggests a deep connection with music. He might be in the middle of playing a melody or lost in thought about his next song.
Background: The background showcases a night sky filled with stars, evoking a serene and contemplative atmosphere that matches the subject's introspective mood.
Style/Coloring: The style is realistic, with a dark and cool color palette emphasizing blues, blacks, and soft lighting. The lighting and colors evoke the stillness of night and highlight the subject's face and guitar.
Action: The subject is holding a guitar and gazing downward, possibly reflecting on his music or preparing to play.
Items: Guitar
Costume/Appearance: The person is dressed casually in a dark jacket and shirt, typical of a modern musician.
Accessories: Guitar